Residential Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Show Your Carpets and Furniture Some Love

Clean carpets help your home stay cleaner, healthier and smelling better. Plus, your carpets and furniture upholstery will last longer if professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Here’s a look at the services we offer for your home. Always feel free to ask us any questions about our cleaning techniques or additional products, and we’ll be happy to explain them to you.
Carpet Cleaning
We steam clean carpet, the most effective deep-cleaning method available. Our process will leave your carpets clean, soft and smelling fresh, with no residue.
Upholstery Furniture Cleaning
Cleaning furniture requires specialized cleaning techniques for each kind of fabric. It’s important that an upholstery cleaner understands your furniture’s unique fabric composition, so it gets cleaned properly.
Tile & Grout Cleaning
Grout is porous, and can be difficult to clean. We have the proper tools and products to make your grout and tile floors gleam.
Rug Cleaning
We’ll tackle those floor runners and area rugs for you, too.
Stain & Spot Removal
Our team is trained to remove just about any stain. We’ll employ a host of strategies to get those persistent stains up.
Pet Odor Removal
We don’t just mask odor with a scent. We have specialized treatments that attack and remove the source of that offensive smell.
Green Cleaning
For those customers with allergies or sensitivities to cleaning products, we offer all-natural alternatives.
“You will not go wrong hiring this company. I’ve used them several times. It’s hard to find good people who do jobs well from start to finish — but this is one.”
—Brent O. of Indianapolis

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